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How does Yabo work?

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Order with Your Bartender or Server

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Why was Yabo Started?

During college homecoming in Lehigh Valley, our founder was bartending and had to deal with hundreds of cards behind the bar and customers that either wanted a drink or wanted to close their tab. He knew there had to be a better way to deal with frustrated customers and overwhelmed bartenders and servers, so he decided to find a fix. Incoming. Yabo

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We are compatible with various
Point of Sale Systems.


With a high quality display technology,
you’ll experience accurate colors and
improved readability. Built to let you
explore every detail.


Yabo is currently in Bethlehem, PA,
which is home of Lehigh University and
Moravian College.

Wireless system

Yabo seamlessly integrates with your point of sale system so you do not need to install a new Point of Sale system.

What users say about Yabo


Yabo is so easy to use and makes
going out so simple. I can't imagine
my life before this.


When I was first introduced to Yabo I didn't know what it was or how useful it would be as a bartender.


When adding technology to your restaurant, you worry that it will disrupt the flow. Yabo enhanced the flow, it's been great.

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