Lift Bars and Restaurants out of a time of Uncertainty



“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin


Use this time to build your team’s digital maturity

For organizations that haven’t been focused on digitizing team workflows, the  current crisis may be eye-opening. It’s no surprise how businesses that have already spent time digitally transforming are finding they are more resilient to change. And for those who might be on the lower end of the digital maturity curve, there’s still time to reinvent and set up the organization for long-term success. Setting up your organization and your teams with the right tools and processes for data-backed decisioning is key, as is democratizing data across the organization.

Beyond building a foundation for data and insights, leaders must also encourage their teams to use this time to figure out what processes can move to digital, and then prioritize the ones that enable agility and allow the company to be more responsive to customer needs. Digitizing an organization’s processes doesn’t just mean that the company’s workforce is able to effectively work from home. Digital maturity is about building a technology foundation to empower teams to work, pivot, and iterate rapidly no matter where they are. Digital technology also enables more strategic management and makes businesses more efficient, collaborative, and effective.

Work collaboratively with your executive counterparts to create a common vision

It has always been important as a leader to work closely with your executive counterparts across the organization to identify and execute a new strategy — this was key for Adobe when transforming Adobe Summit. The fact is that the need for cross-departmental alignment grows more in times of crisis. Listening to and considering the different points of view of your leadership peers are keys to ensuring that the entire organization works in tandem toward the same goal. Think democracy, not autocracy.